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Hi everyone. I have just been diagnosed with Crohns today. I am a bit of an old hand at autoimmune diseases as I already have Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune Hepatitis and Sjogrens syndrome but obviously Crohns is nea to me so I just wanted to learn about it. I had been having problems such as a lot of pain and diarrhea and quite a lot of weight loss in the last year so had a colonoscopy today and was given the verdict. I was wondering if there is any foods we should avoid?
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Welcome, Jenny. You might want to keep a food diary to see what foods aggravate your stomach. Not all people are affected by the same foods.
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Hi Jenny,

I'm glad you joined up! Welcome! We stick together here. There is a lot of useful info and friends to be made here who can relate with you. A food diary is a great idea! You start with foods that you know are safe, then you add one new food per day(I say one because otherwise you would never figure out what causes trouble) If you do this for a while you will end up with a list of foods that agree with you and also a list to avoid!

Welcome again, talk to us any time,

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Hi and welcome,
if you are interested in diet approach, you can take a look at IBD-AID diet in my signature. Wishing you well.
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A great resource for diet info very similar to the approach Lady Organic mentioned is scdlifestyle.com
SCD also has you start with a very simple intro diet, then add in foods slowly, so if you are interested in the food diary plan, that is a very helpful way to pinpoint if foods (allowed on SCD) are sensitive for you.
Best wishes!!

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