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I feel numb

Everything about this illness as of late is making me feel numb.......
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i know the feeling, you need to find a way to reconnect. at times it seems impossible. i have found that things that stimulate my senses help to bring me back some simple joys. like the nice breeze of a fan on my bare skin when it's hot, stretching or aromatherapy. just little things like that, to name a few.
hope that helps
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Jeff D.
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Try meditating it always seems to help me reconnect.
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You are just on the bottom of the hill of the rollercoaster of life. Don't dispair though, as you are safely fastened in, and you are well supported (by us!) to safely ride your way to the top again.

Just hang in there, cause what goes down, must go up!. We have all been at the lowest point before, and we all have made it out of their. So keep chugging along and things WILL improve.
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when your low.. your very very low, and crohns just makes it that much more to dig through to try and get back up again. this will pass, and later you can look back and realize how much stronger and better a person it has made you. crohns people are very very great people you know. aside from the whole faulty bottom thing.. were just about perfect

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