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Had surgery 2 weeks ago

Hey everybody, looking for a little advice. I had surgery on March 2nd to remove a stricture in my terminal ileum/cecum (this is my 4th surgery in this location- first in 2002, second and third in 2010). I was in the hospital about a week as I had some issues with nausea and vomiting postop. Now I'm home, and my postop soreness has improved a lot. I have a good appetite. Minimal nausea, no vomiting. However my biggest issue has been bad cramping and tightness on my right side, the same kind that I had from my stricture before surgery. It is mostly relieved with passing gas and bowel movement, but I feel like I struggle to pass it, just like before surgery. Can anybody speak to having these symptoms postop? It is discouraging as I wonder if the scar tissue in there is causing another stricture-like semi-blockage to occur.
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I had very similar pain after both of my surgeries and pretty much all the time to a certain degree. More so when im getting close to my infusion date. Its like a raw sore feeling in the mid to lower right side . what i usually find though when im having a real problem like i did last week it seems to travel across mid section all the way to left side. Hang in there I know how u feel
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Everything was weird for me for at least 3 weeks, then it settled down. It stands to reason that that part would be painful, with everything it's been through, and it's now in use again.
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I heard of someone who had a similar problem and it was due to how the surgeon placed the anastomosis - it was too narrow. They had to have it dilated and was fine after that.

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Melissah90...did this resolve? I guessed maybe it was a bit of post op swelling at the which case it would go away in time.

I know when I had a disc removed from my back they warned the operation takes the pain away immediately and then a week or so later if comes back for a week or so while all the nerves and everything heals...and that's what happened.

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