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Sharing my CD story

I was diagnosed with CD in 2012 two weeks after my 16 birthday I couldn't enjoy my 16th birthday because I was of course sick with CD it was a tough time for me I didn't know what was wrong with me for 8 months I was mised diagnosed 2 or 3 times I did labs and stool tests they thought I was allergic to wheat. I don't remember a lot but I do remember spending a lot of time in the bathroom and having terrible stomach pains. I had an abscess underneath my skin near my anus the size of a 50 cent quarter and omg it was so painful to sit down and also would hurt without touch it felt like I sh*ting a knife. I was nauseous all the time but never could throw up I also had very bad fatigue. My mom wasn't supportive she thought I was going through puberty changes that's why I lost so much weight I was 102lbs she would tell me "there's nothing wrong with me I wanted to think something was wrong I wanted to be sick." My mom really made things worse for me by ignoring my symptoms and changes. She would look at me and say "I wish I could be that skinny" because my mom was trying to lose weight but it wasn't working(crazy right). But my grandma on the other hand was like no something is wrong with my granddaughter "your too skinny and your skin color looks pale." and of course my mom was like "no she's fine mom." I finally told my mom I need to go back to the doctor and FINALLY I meet with the right doctor who referred me to a GI specialist instead of having me do more unnecessary tests.

I FINALLY had a colonoscopy a few weeks later and it was CD i was happy to FINALLY find out what the hell was wrong with me but also sad because there was no cure and I'm the only one in my family with CD I started treatment in the beginning of August 2012 (Started and still on Remicade) and have been in remission since. I WAS SO HAPPY when the stomach pains went away my GI doctor perscibed me antibiotics to get rid of the abscess near my anus I started gaining my weight back but a lil too much I did get a lil over weight back in 2013 lol but now I'm at a normal healthy weight. My diet could be better but it is good I don't eat foods I used to love I absolutely loved TAKIS and HOT CHEETOS lol I do drink soda every blue moon but I dilute it with a lot of water and it doesn't cause me problems but my CD is controlled and I'm happy thankful and blessed!
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Hello! It's good to hear that you are feeling better.

It's definitely frustrating when people close to you don't understand that you're unwell and in pain. I suppose it's part of having a largely unseen illness. I hope you've managed to explain to your family how the disease can effect you.

Totally understand about being happy to get the diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. In addition to being able to start treatment, it's easier to explain why you're unwell when you can put a name to it. Even if they've no idea what it is, it definitely sounds terrifying!

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