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Heart and GI

Here's a question.

My Farmgirl is seeing a pediatric heart doc for the first time tomorrow.
I'm filling out her questioner.
There is a section asking about gi issues in great detail.
They even ask where the disease is located and on and on.

Is there a link between bowel disease and heart issues?

Just being prepared (over researching, is what we do best).
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There is a link between AS and heart disease, I definitely know that. Rare, but it does happen.

It's very, very rare with JSpA. But both my girls were seen regularly by a cardiologist after diagnosis.

There are some heart issues also associated with other kinds of JIA - typically SJIA (pericarditis). Those are different from the heart issues associated with AS.

I'm not sure about bowel diseases.
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I've probably missed it but why is she seeing a cardiologist?

When S was being tested due to an enlarged ventricle, I believe I read there was some slight risk/connection to crohns. BUT, FWIW, his GI was not concerned about a crohns nor remi connection and neither was his cardiologist...
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She gets dizzy and faints or blacks out, Tess.

We went today and the cardiologist never mentioned a connection to ibd.
Yup, my over thinking pays off again.

They did an ekg and an ultrasound..

She has to do a month of increase water intake and sodium.
Hopefully this will fix it (I think).
Maybe not.

At this point grace wanted to squirt the gel from the ultrasound all over her belly. I might have missed that part of the conversation.
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We had the same issues. We were going to investigate POTS but then upping M's water intake and sodium intake (she doesn't like salty foods) actually really helped!

Good luck!
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FYI - There is more research that one cause of POTS is autoimmune. The most common cause is connective tissue like EDS.

Even if the cause of POTS is autoimmune, they will treat the symptoms of POTS through simple measures first, which is to increase fluids (over 60 oz) a day and increase salt - either through diet or a salt pill. They may also suggest to increase activity including cardio activity. Ramping up to 30 minutes of cardio a day and general activity (walking etc) of 30 minutes a day.

If the POTS becomes severe, then the POTS meds discussion is a little more complicated and make sure you have someone familiar with these types of situations.

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