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LOFFLEX & exercise

So last month I had a three week break from the lofflex diet. I that time I committed to a 10k race, started training for it and quite enjoyed running. I've been back on the lofflex diet for 8 days and I have been unable to complete a full 30 min running training session. One day I couldn't get past 3 mins, the next I could only manage 13 mins. I literally just feeel weak and sick and light headed. I know it's because of the diet but at the moment it's very restricted and there's nothing I can do!
What kind of exercise have others done on LOFFLEX? Is it possible to run regularly? I'm a bit annoyed to be honest but don't want to relapse as the crohns symptoms are minimal at the mo so it is working...I have three weeks until I start the re-introduction stage.
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Lady Organic
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hello Amy,
personally, I would concentrate on the diet first if it works for you and postpone the heavy training. Just listen to your body if it tells you to slow down. Good luck.
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Nate Ohlson
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Hey Amy,

To qualify myself, I'm a certified personal trainer, just so you know I'm not just spitting bs.:P

The best advice I can give someone with Crohn's is to do what you can. Some days are rough, you may only be able to workout for 5 minutes. Others you can bust out the whole workout and feel great. Don't feel guilty for not being able to preform at 100%.

The evidence suggests that consistent exercise is great for Crohn's. The only issue is like Lady Organic said above, overdoing it. Listen to your body. Push yourself, but not too hard. You'll get to know your limits pretty quick.

I not familiar with the Lofflex diet. I do know that if you're not eating enough, you will feel weak and light headed during exercise, so be careful there. Maybe for now cut back to walking, or do a walking and running mix until you can start eating a bit more.

I made a short video here specifically for people with Crohn's regarding exercise basics. I hope this all helps.


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