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Strictures constipation and urgency

Hi Folks I am a 57 year old UK based male diagnosed with Crohn's 4 years ago at which point two strictures in illium were confirmed.
A course of Pred brought things under control and pain was occasional after eving meal but fine durin the day.

Having had a year of office work refurbing a house I have recently gone back to the day job and despite having low/no inflammation for a couple of years experienced increased pain in both the left and right sides while sat at desk/ driving to from work. My GI consultant is currently looking at MRI scan to see if strictures have become fibrotic as he assumed I would be in no pain given low/no inflammation. He is talking about resection of the strictured area.

On advice of my IBD nurse I increased movicol from 1/2 sachet every other day to one a day. This seems to have led to spending most of the day feeling like I need a bowel movement even if I have just had one and this often makes me feel like I have urinary urgency too.

Is it possible that the more liquid stools are constantly leaning on bladder ?

Anyone else had this kind of issue- balancing the pain of food through strictures and the unpleasant feeling more movicol causes?


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Ok have that too. I can't get the balance right of how much laxative or stool softener will be enough or too much. But maybe there is more inflammation that should be treated. They don't always see it in scans (in my case, anyway.). Good luck.

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