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So I was diagnosed with Crohn's (only in the colon) about 15 years ago. Apart from the cramps and D, it's always been making me feel tired and depressed with very poor concentration skills.
Last week my GP suggested I should start taking antidepressants, she thinks I have low serotonin and dopamin levels. So I have been reading up on the disease and depression, and I discovered a lot of us share those symptoms.
I wonder, as f.i. dopamin is 'made' in the gut, as well as serotonin, if perhaps we have trouble producing those hormones, like we have trouble maintaining our iron and vitamin B & D levels.
This week I came upon a few old threads, wherein the use of Wellbutrin was discussed.
Is someone out there still using this antidepressent? Supposedly, it would work for depression, add and Crohn's (anti-TNF).

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I take both Wellbutrin and Celexa for depression and chronic migraines, but have not found either helps with the crohn's. But everyone is so different when it comes to how the body interacts with drugs that I'm sure my experiences are not a guide.
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Wellbutrin is great for me. I don't know if I believe the small evidence they have it's also a TNF blocker...seems made up. Before I got on an actual TNF blocker I was on Wellbutrin and flaring badly so I don't think it does anything for the Crohn's. It should work well for the depression though. I was on 150mg at first, it wasn't high enough. Once I got to the normal adult dose of 300 mgs I was much, much better.

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