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Bartholin's Gland duct cyst lancing

Hey guys, this isn't really surgery in its truest sense, but I wasn't sure where else to ask.
Has anyone had a bartholin's gland duct cyst that they had to have lanced? I'm wondering what kind of recovery i may have to deal with post-procedure, if any. I ask because my job entails sitting for 12 hours a day, and I'm concerned about whether or not I'll be needing to take time off to give my caboose a chance to heal.

As always, I'm concerned about being on antibiotics again and further depleating my gut flora, but that's just a thing that may have to happen. Two rounds of antibiotics havn't done any (lasting) good yet though.
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Disclaimer: my daughter is the one with IBD. But I have had a bartholin's cyst lanced three times (and then I finally had surgery to have the duct enlarged and stitched open). I had it just lanced and drained twice, which resulted in very minor pain that was easily taken care of with Tylenol. No problem. Once I had it lanced and they put in a balloon with a neck sticking out through the opening to keep it from closing while it healed. I found this intolerably painful even with T3s (I was pregnant at the time, so they wouldn't give me any heavy duty painkillers). I made the doc remove it after two days. Then I opted for marsupialization, which was pretty painful for three or four days, but I got through them okay.

If all they do is lance and drain it, I'd think you wouldn't have too​ much problem sitting at work. I personally couldn't imagine sitting at all if they put in a balloon. (My pain tolerance is middle of the line.)

Also, I was told that it was fairly unusual for it to keep recurring the way mine did, so hopefully this won't happen to you. Good luck!

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