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No absorption

Hey guys just a quick question iVe noticed since my surgery im not absorbing painkillers or any other tablet the same way the effects wear off very quickly has anyone experienced similar things

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Malabsorption is totally possible if you have an ostomy,especially if you're on any delayed release meds. Let your pharmacist know and they should be able to give you a version of your meds that absorb higher up in the gi.
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Everything clears my system faster now, including alcohol. I have changed my vitamins and other pills to gel-based so that the capsule breaks down and enters my system faster.
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Hi all I have malabsorption and ended up on a special liquid predigested medical food. It's all liquid no solids. I'm a bit better but I have to crush meds or find a liquid version. Good luck. Oh and the name of the complete nutrition drink is peptamen. Feel better yaall
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