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I recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. So now I watch really watch how much fiber I eat cause I don't want to irritate anything worse. Anyway I love fresh fruits and vegetables so it's pretty tough not being able to eat. What are some ways to get those fruits and vegetables in my diet? I heard of juicing and am wondering if anyone had any success with it. Thanks!
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I don't have a juicer, but I imagine it could be an option. I'm recovering from a flare now and have had fresh pressed juice and use organic 100% grape juice with gelatin. I would stick with mostly veggies to avoid the high concentration of sugar in fruit juice.
I find that boiling and pureeing veggies such as spinach, squash, and carrots is a great way to get fiber and other nutrients in a tummy-friendly way while in a flare.
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I have a juicer and use it at times. It is helpful during a flare. It is quite expensive, as it takes a lot of produce to get a glass of juice. But effective at taking out fiber.
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I have a juicer also, but never thought to use it for the nutrients. I think I may use my nutria bullet to make smoothies, and get my nutrition that way.

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