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Arthritis from crohns

I have had crohns for 26 years. As I get older in which I am 51 I hurt immensely. I am on humira and methotrexate for the Crohn's and mainly for the arthritis. I still have so much pain in my feet and hands and my body is this normal after taking it for about a year! I'm so tired of hurting all the time and wonder if I need to do something different! I have a moderate case of crohns but crohns has wore my body down now and arthritis is killing me now! Any suggestions welcome! I want to feel decent again!
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Hi. You might need to go and see a rheumatologist. I wish you the best.
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seems like these meds are not taking good care of your arthritis. methotrexate failed for my arthritis too. maybe Remicade? Although if HUmira is putting your CD in remission your GI will most likely be reluctant to switch. If your CD is not fully in remission, Remicade could be a plan.
You also ask for suggestions, so you can take a look at diet approach if you havent tried any. Look for IBD-Aid in my signature, this starts by eliminating dairy products, gluten and all grains except rolled oats, for instance. Wishing you well.
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Ds takes humira and mtx for Crohns and arthritis
We had to increase the humira for the arthritis
This is a good option
He takes humira every 5 days and mtx once a week
Second a rheumo
They can work with GI to get things under control on both fronts
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