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Cannabis and Short Wave Diathermy for CD

Advised patients to BOTH ingest MM one half to two hours and smoke/vaporize immediately prior to office visit. Applied SWD below, or at minimum, heat production with multi head unit over abdomen for one half hour with treatment frequency and duration functions of disease/flair severity. All patients responded FAR BETTER to the above tx than to MM alone so most chose to engage maintainance txs from weekly to monthly.

Some STRAIGHT patients that refrained from MM, which remains illegal in our state, came in for the SWD and obtained nearly as good of results as the combined MM/SWD.

It is not known whether the remarkable response was due simple physiological response or the possibility that MAP is sensitive to the specific RF of SWD. The latter is entirly possible, especially since mycobacterium pneumonia responds so well to SWD by resolving in 2 weeks instead of 6 or more.

Many patients chose to taper and/or eliminate the use of their biologic and ALL patients were able to accelerate the taper/termination of their prednisone.

Best wishes in your endeavor in finding a practitioner that both has, and knows how to utilize, a multi-head SWD unit.


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