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New treatment for me...

After having gone trough 5 resections of the small bowel (I feel like a length of pepperoni), in ten years, my Surgeon today came up with an entirely new medication regime for me.

Previously I have tried:

Prednisonol - no effect.
Then Imurel, but the side ffects nearly killed me...actually the surgeon called me at home and asked if I was okay, after seeing my blood work, after taking liver values sky rocketed. And he told me to stop using them, and come see him at once!!!

He then put me on Methotrexate and folic acid, and stepped it up by adding
Humira shots, bi-weekly, then an attempt to get my
Calprotectin level down from 3000 to around 200 (in a healthy person it should be no higher than 50).
That ended in crash and burn as I eneded up in the ER, needing another small bowel resection as it tuned out.

I was then put on Methtraxat shots weekly...that made me vomit, and I was sick all winter...

Today he told me this was having no effect. Colonskopy done 2 weeks ago shows I have an infection in the area of my previous small bowel resctions,and my calprotectin levels are way up to 900.

So he put me on Predisolon to knock out the infection as much as possible,
and questran to hopefully knock back some of my diarhea...

And I will be on Entyvio...a biological treatment, that I will recieve at the hospital every 8 weeks, srating as soon as the prednisonol is working....

Anyone using Entyvio out there?

How has that worked for you?
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Getting ready to soon. Hope the best for you.

Diagnosed in 1990. On Humira, Imuran, Gabapentin, Colestipol, Synthroid, Lialda. Resection in April of 2010. Allergic to Remicade, Penicillin, Flagyl, Doxycycline. Thyroid issues and psoriasis and neuropathy and mild cerebral palsy. Mild arthritis in my lower back.

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