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Antibiotics question

Hi All- In previous years, my former doctor (who sadly passed away) put me on antibiotics to handle flare-ups. it often worked, and he explained that it was SIBO from an earlier surgery which left a blind loop. Cipro particularly helped. My new doctor, who I am finally bonding with, doesn't care for using them. A month ago, when I thought I had SIBO, I convinced him I needed antibiotics and he put me on Xifaxin, which seemed to help for about a week, then stopped working. On my own I switched to Flagyl (and then let him know and he adjusted the dose.) It seemed like a low dose, 250mg, 4x a day. It also seemed to work for about a week, then stopped. Then I got really sick: nausea, pain, not passing anything. He put me on steroids, convinced me I need Entyvio (now waiting for insurance authorization) and said I had a blockage. It sure feels like it. Since the steroids, I'm less nauseous, have my appetite back. But the pain only got a little better before getting really bad again, still not passing much. I feel these pockets of gas that won't move out of the painful area (prob area of my old surgery.) Any thoughts on whether adding Cipro (I have plenty left from before) might help? Thanks, you are all wonderful in a crisis.
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