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I Need To Know More

Hi All

It's in the title, I do need to know more. I have (as i'm sure most of you have too) consulted with Dr Google...

The Psychological and Mental Side Effects of our dirty little friend Crohn's Disease and his various varieties of medication, because I am completely at a loss to the point of breakdown.

*I must add, it is not myself I am at a loss for, but the Mother of my Child (living day by day in denial)
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Everyone is different
Ds was dx at age 7 and has been on all the different meds for close to 7 years
No mental or psych side effects at all due to the disease or meds
Some deal with chronic illness differently than others
Best advice we got was to see a psychologist who deals with chronic illness
To make sure things can be talked about .

Most kiddie ibd centers recommend them
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I have tried the psychologist route but to no avail. As you say, each and every CD sufferer is different so it is hard to put a clear definition to things. Just another string to it's bow I guess
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My dad and I both have Crohn's. I feel terrible for my mother who has had to take on many roles in her life. She ultimately makes decisions and is the one who has had to work while my dad wasn't. My mother tells me all the time that back then when my dad was initially diagnosed early in their marriage she didn't think anything of the Crohn's. There wasn't much known and she had no idea what their journey would turn into. There was nobody she could talk to. She was busy working, taking care of my dad and of us kids. Now that I have it my mother initially was having a very hard time accepting that my life would look differently then she pictured for me. Grieving is okay. Life changes when you receive a diagnosis. What once was the way of living--may have to change. They may change over and over but that's apart of the process. There's a lot of information now to consider. Just be kind to eachother and lean on eachother for support.

I don't have such great feelings toward psychologists myself but I hope that one day I find something that helps with the anxiety and mental exhaustion of this disease.
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Hi Sarah

Thanks for that, I think you sum things up pretty much the best way you can... Life changes and what was the normal may also have to change says exactly how it is, however hard that may be you do the best you can to deal with it.

I think the Psychological problems are largely due to there (currently) being no cure and Crohn's as you know brings so many obstacles to day to day life. To have that constantly on your mind (even in times of remission) is very difficult to comprehend, especially with those who don't understand Crohn's.

Best of Luck to you

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