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My sister is a Super Hero.

Hello everyone, I'm Peach's brother. I asked permission to write here because I really, really, reaaaally want to help my sister.

I'm the youngest and was raised by my sister from birth to now, so it really affected me when she got sick, and still does because I want to help her but I don't know what to do.

In her first hospital stay they told us she was going to die. Mom (who stayed with her thr whole time) told us that her blood pressure was always very low, the bleeding was heavier each time she went to the bathroom, she lost a ton of weight and her skin became the colour of flour. My sister is the strongest person I know so she managed to get better, but she changed.

She forgets a lot of things and quit school because she was always stressed and sick. She doesn't leave the house unless she's forced to or gets bored to sleep all day. She doesn't even study on her own and is always moody, but the worst of it all is that she doesn't eat her meals properly because she "doesn't feel the need to".

It's really stressful.

Mom gets angry at her but she keeps doing the same and doesn't listen to what we tell her. She always says she wants to do things "her way" because she's not comfortable being ordered around. She's not comfortable with herself.

Did any parent here have to deal with something similar? I really would like to know how you helped your child so I can help my sister too.

In my eyes I don't have a sick sister nor a troubled sister. I have a sister. She's caring to everyone and helps with open arms. Next month she is going to travel across the country just to meet a little girl that is sick and give her some help (She's really doing it and no one can stop her!). She will nag you, advise you, help you, even get you out of sticky situations. Mom says she just mature, but to me she's more of a super hero.

Every year on my birthday she gives me a gift and I know that many siblings don't do that. I have received drawings, Pokemons and even a Wii with games included! She also helps me when I get stuck in a video game and helps me with my homework once in a while. She's pretty cool and I want to help her get better too!

She has done a lot of things for me from buying me things to even dye her hair my favourite colour (it was cool and she looked pretty) so I feel like it's my turn to do things for her too.

Can you please help me? Thank you!
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It is great that you want to help your sister. You also might try the section called Parents of Kids with IBD.
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