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New and need some advice!

Hi im 16 years old iv been diagnosed with crohn's disease not to long ago and iv been having very bad flare ups i cant keep anything i eat down everytime i try and eat i always have pain i dont no what i can do to help the pain what should i do? Please if you have any advice i would be so thankful for it
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Hi. You might try a food diary to see what particular foods upset your stomach. You could also try a bland diet until the flare is under control. Hopefully, the doctor will get you on the right mixture of medicines soon to get your Crohns Disease into remission. Please let us know how you are doing.
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I understand the trouble with food and pain. It can get so bad you're afraid to eat! Try ensure to get some calories in you. I put it on ice and drank it very slowly throughout the day when I couldn't eat much else. They have "juice" ensure that isn't the typically chocolate/vanilla shake kind and those are great! A heating pad can also help with the pain. My pain eventually got so bad that I had to be admitted to the hospital. Dilaudid does wonders but I hope it doesn't come to that for you!
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I also take ensure, you might need to ask your doctor for a prescription depending on where you live. It's a bit thick for me so I mix it with milk and ice cream in my nutribullet. Makes it a lot easier and adds to the calories. Are you seeing a specialist doctor - a gastroenterologist? Have you got a treatment plan?
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Thanks so much for the advice guys. I am seeing a specialist may 1, i cant have anything with dairy everytime i do my stomach flares up for 2 years i was in and out of the hospital in one year i was rushed to the hospital atleast 4-5 times in a ambulance im just so happy they found out what it was of course the only reason they finally did anything was because i was taking a heart attack. Im hoping i get this underconrol because the last week everyday iv been having flare ups and its hard to go on the diet because my mom has 3 kids then also me and is on welfair so its hard to get certain stuff for me when she also has to think of 3 other kids. Just wondering but would anyone on here no if welfair would help with that i wanna talk to my mom about it because i no its hard for her now but with me its gonna just add on more. Sorry im talking about everything dont really have peoole that understand how hard it is not being able to eat what you want or love and the pain i go through. Thanks again guys for the advice.

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