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Intro Story - Taylor Elwell Aged 12

Hi My 12 year old daughter started having severe stomach pains in January 2017, they diagnosed a pulled muscle.

The pain did not go away and she was asked to do a stool sample and when we did the sample I asked her how long had she had D, she just said that was how it had been for 4/6 weeks and thought it was normal. She then commented that she had blood as well and showing us her tongue she had sores on the back of the tongue and on the back of her throat.

Sitting her down we listed all her symptoms and took her to the doctors the next working day, she was suffering from: -

Severe D then C
Consistent stomach pain in centre and down right side
Rash on face
Sores on throat and back of tongue
Blood in stools

She was sent immediately to the hospital and referred to Royal London (Barts). We see the specialist last week (took 1 week) and she is leaning towards IBS with an allergy and polyps but not ruling out an IBD.

Now she is having a Colonscopy and Endoscopy in May.

In the last 4 months I have seen her change from a sociable child to someone who hardly goes out. The only thing she still does is dance and she will not let this ruin her dancing, which she is amazing at.

Currently she is on 20mg of Omperizole.
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Hi. I am sorry for all she is going through. With the blood, I would lean towards IBD but I am no expert. I am going to tag Maya 142, Clash, my little penguin. Wishing you all the best.
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Hi and welcome! I'm so sorry your daughter is going through all this.

The scopes will give you a lot more information, but typically IBS does not cause bleeding. IBD does however, cause all the symptoms you mention - mouth sores, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation and bloody stools. I'm very glad they are doing the colonoscopy and endoscopy and will check for IBD.

An endoscopy can only see into the top of the small bowel (the duodenum) and the colonoscopy can only see the very last part of the small bowel - the terminal ileum. So make sure they also do some sort of small bowel imaging, because in some cases, Crohn's can hide in the small bowel and is missed by scopes.

Typically an MRE or pillcam is done to make sure there is no disease in the small bowel.

Hang in there. Things will get better once you have some answers and they can start treating her. Check out the Parents Forum - lots of parents of kids with IBD there and there is also a lot of info about the diagnosis process.
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Hi tracyelwell,

Welcome. I am sad to hear of all the troubles. Come here often, you will always find supportive people who understand.

Welcome again,


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