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Blockage help

I am so thankful for the people here who have helped me in the past two weeks as Im dealing with an obstruction - the worst i felt since being diagnosed 40 years ago. When it started about two weeks ago I was put on a liquid diet, then 40 mg of pred. (Waiting to get approved for entyvio.) I was finally passing stuff through, the nausea went away and the pain improved A LOT. I did well this week, mostly jello and very little solid food. I added a little more food every day and it seemed OK. But yesterday --and I blame the crazy feelings from prednisone for this,and my own stupidity-- i ate more solid food (mushy but solid) than I have for the past two weeks. It was like I was out of control. So of course today I feel blocked again. And it's the weekend and I'm on an overnight visiting my son , 3 hours from my doctors. Last night I tried a double dose of miralax, today I had milk of magnesia. These usually work, but nada. I'm not nauseas , no fever, it hurts again, but not as bad compared to last week (that was 10 out of 10, now its about an 8). But I haven't passed anything except a little liquid yesterday morning and some gas today. Sorry this is long. My question is , once before I had both milk of magnesia and then a dose of miralax. Any thoughts on doing that tonight? Is it dangerous? Thanks for any input.
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I wouldn't do that. If it is blocked it can be dangerous.
Don't feel bad for eating, at some point your body says hey you are starving me, and the drive to survive/eat is strong.
I would suggest looking into some caloric liquids that are more substantial than jello, like ensure etc.
Also, maybe take a look a SCD intro diet, if you're eating foods that are difficult to digest (di, and polysaccharides) it won't necessarily help even if they are "mushy/soft. Good luck to you. (Please note- I also did really well with SCD homemade yogurt- for me it was a godsend)

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