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Introducing myself and having a little moan

Hi All.
My names Lorraine.
I came across this site by just browsing for low fibre diet forums. But was unable to find any.
On reading some of the posts I thought it would be a good place for me to real off.
I am 54 years of age, my problems started 2013. Though when looking back I think I may have been having the problems many years before. As I do remember the pains I had had in the past any never done anything about it.
In 2013 I ended up in hospital via an ambulance. All down to a friend. I had phoned her for pain killers as the pain I was having wouldnít stop and I had run out of tablets. By the time she had arrives I was on all fours. Then I was violently sick.
The only pain relief that worked was the morphine. I was in hospital for few days. I was x-rayed and told I had a small bowel obstruction.
I was given an enema and told that I wasnít allowed to eat nuts or any fruit with Pith on it.

Over the year I knew when I wasnít feeling too good and when to take laxative.
Then July 2015 I was out when out of the blue I was doubled up in pain and the sweat pouring off me. Yet again I ended up in hospital and was in for 4 days. On leaving I was told that if ever I had the pain I needed to go straight to hospital as I am at risk of having a twisted bowel and I have several loops? They also cut a lot of scar tissue. This made me be more alert.
Then blow me January this year I end up back in hospital. This time though I had a little more explained to me. Though I was dealing with 3 different consultants. The 2nd consultant was brilliant she explained a lot to me . She showed me the x-ray and showed me where the loops were. I was put nil by mouth and given intravenous fluids for 5 days to give my bowels a rest. I was told that if I didnít open my bowels then she was going to operate by cutting the scar tissue. She didnít want to do this as we all know by doing this it was just going to cause more.
Then it was changeover of consultants. The third one was a fella. Very arrogant and spoke down. He visited in the morning with a nutritionist and one other person.
When he was talking to me I felt quit intimidated. I think the nutritionist could sense this. And mentioned to him that she was going to come back to me.
No operation happened (though I was pleased with this) I was told I could go home once my bowels were open fully.
The nutritionist called back to see me and apologised regarding the consultants approach. She said that I needed to be on a Low Fibre Diet. And handed me a sheet. She explained to me why I was being put on this. Iíve stuck to it but I have put on 2 stone in weight. I am not saying itís all because of the low fibre diet. But I canít carry on like this. I miss my Slimming World. I lost 8 stone with this and now I seem to be putting it back on  I was told not to bother with Slimming World as there is so much food on there that says ďnoĒ
I was told that I would have an appointment to see the 2nd consultant. To date this has still not happened.
Tuesday just gone I went to my doctors as I have been in extreme pain with my back. I would say I was 10 on the pain scale. She took bloods and told me if the pain was to continue then I was to go to A&E the next day. So I did.
At the hospital I had an x-ray to rule out Kidney Stones as I have suffered with these in the past. The doctor informed me that it was my bowels but this time it was my larger bowels. And I was to go home and take Movical and to rest. I did not realise that the larger bowel causes a different pain to the Small bowel.
I am so fed up of feeling ďyukĒ I donít seem to have any energy or get up and go.
Nobody seems to give me answers why I end up like this. I donít know what Iím looking for or how anyone can help on here I just needed to reel off sorry. 
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Welcome. I am sorry for all the pain you have had. If you are still looking for information on a low fibre diet, there is a section in this forum called something like Diet, Nutrition and Supplements or something similar. You might look there. This is a very good and supportive group to come to.
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Hi LorraineG,

Welcome. I hope you find support and friendship here. I'm very sorry to hear of all the struggles you have had. We are understanding people.

Welcome again, best wishes,


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