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I was diagnosed with crohns back in February this year. Last year in May I had a emergency gall bladder removal surgery a month later I was giving clindamycin for a tooth ache. That led to c diff that I fought for 5 and a half months. C diff was gone but was still sick. After colonoscopy and endoscopy I was diagnosed with a serious stomach infection and Crohn's. Pantasa didn't work currently on prednisone which has done wonders but can't use long term. So now they want to start remicade infusions. does anyone have experience with remicade? I'm kind of freaking out over the whole immune system being weakened. And avoiding the sun and all the other side affects.
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Welcome shep, there is a while sub-forum about remicade with a lot of great information, please check it out!

30 plus years and counting with UC/Crohn's!
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While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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Great. All that did was make not want to start this stuff even more😐

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