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After gastric sleeve surgery

I had gastric sleeve surgery Aug. 31st, 2015. I have the worst stomach pain since, the upper part of my chest to my right side of my navel area, constipated all the time. I can't eat or even drink water without this terrible pain. Not one doctor seems to know what is causing this. Last year in March 2016 I went in the hospital I was so sick. They ran test and found that my gallbladder was bad, they removed it, also removed gallstones, my hiatal hernia was repaired. I was on TPPN from March to Jan 2017 since I dropped to 122lbs too fast in that month of March 2016 . At this point I am still in Terrible pain when I eat, still constipated in so much pain. I can't eat no more than 4-6 small bites of food and sips of liquid. My potassium is low I take liquid potassium. Supplements and still no doctor has a clue. Tuesday this week i am going to John Hopskin University Hospital in Baltimore i pray those doctors can help me. I have had suggestions that my valves my not be closing properly. Since I am always naseauous and throwing up, acid reflux. The worst hemorrid no one wants to deal with until the stomach issues are resolved. But no one has resolved that issue. If anyone has any suggestions please help.
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Welcome. You might also try putting this question on the Surgery section of the forum also.

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