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Psoriasis--from Humira?

I have been on Humira for the past 4 years for my Crohn's, and it works well for me and after my last colonoscopy a year ago, my doctor said I was in remission. A few months ago I noticed a scaly patch on my scalp, got referred to a dermatologist and was advised it was plaque psoriasis. I have never had this before. She told me it could be a result of the Humira but it was mild. She gave me Dovobet gel and told me to use it for 6 weeks, which I did. The psoriasis went away after a week but kept using the gel as she recommended. Fast forward to now (14 weeks later) and I have several psoriasis patches on my scalp now. I am using the Dovobet again and it's not working. I have an appointment with the dermatologist again but was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? Just strange that it's happening now after 4 years. TIA.
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Ds has been on humira as well for 5 years
We were told by many of his docs including a dermatologist
That biologics can "unmasked" other conditions that at be laying dormant or a person is predisposed to ....
Ds had bad rashes and blisters with Remicade
But not with humira
He was dx with Seeets syndrome while in humira
We thought like you that maybe the humira caused it
He had to hold humira for other reasons and his Sweets Syndrome flared a lot

So humira in his case was helping not causing

I know a few on here who use mtx in addition to remicade/humira to calm biologics induced psoarsis

Good luck
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I had some problem with psoriasis suddenly coming quite strongly about 15 years ago, and dermatologists gave me a few things to try. They didn't help much, but over time it seemed to go away.

Fast forward to about four years ago when I go on Humira, and the psoriasis came back like gangbusters. I go back to the dermatologist and he's got a new young intern. He immediately recognizes it and suggests putting me on Humira FOR PSORIASIS. I laughed because for me it severely aggravated it.

So maybe you can only take it for one thing, even if they prescribe it for a variety of things. I take it for Crohn's, and it handles that, but made my psoriasis worse, and almost overnight made my knees, hips and feet hurt. I was golfing weekly and limber as a thirty year old, and Humira made me an old man hurting all over. It would be nice if I was exaggerating but I'm not.
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I know a few on here who use mtx in addition to remicade/humira to calm biologics induced psoarsis
My daughter is one whose psoriasis is calmed by methotrexate. She was on both Remicade and mtx for her first year of treatment and didn't have any problems with psoriasis. Her doctor took her off mtx after that year, and she developed scalp psoriasis a few months later. Topical clobetasol worked pretty well for the psoriasis; we used it twice a day for a few weeks, and then were able to drop down to a couple of applications a week. Last December she went back on methotrexate (because she had started to form Remicade antibodies), and the psoriasis disappeared.

Hope you find something that works for you.
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Clobetasol for Remicade-induced psoriasis

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