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Stoma Belt

Hello, just a quick question.

I had open bowel surgery in October to remove half my colon and to create a temp ileostomy because of a perforation. I have finally gotten the courage to go to the gym, and obviously I am going to be using a belt to protect myself from getting a hernia.

Has anyone used the belts and are they safe? I mean my stoma is literally squished flat haha, my stoma nurse said its fine but I'm seriously worried about it getting blocked under there or something worse. Thanks in advance.
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I have used the pheonix and slealth belt. both are soft belts. both offer some sort of leakage protection. going to gym? go for you. thats courage. good luck. if u have a flat stoma tho was b/c of having it banged? mine sticks out about 3/4 inch. I do not exercise. I use the belts to hide and support the thing only. have you looked into the special briefs yet? lmk. good stuff for support and protection.
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