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Remicade and anxiety and acne

Hi there I'm new to the group. I have a 15 year old daughter who's successfully in remission with Remicade. Been on it every 8 weeks for 3 years. After starting she battled mollescum contagiosum for 2+ years. Then Acne started, then anxiety. Recently her dosage went from 250mg to 300mg and now her anxiety is terrible and acne is increasing. Not acne in the typical t zone teen are but cheeks and back and now chest too. This then causes the anxiety and now she's starting therapy. I had her to the lab today for blood work to check various vitamin levels, she sees dermatologist and has been on retin-a for months. I'm calling GI to discuss cutting back dosage to see if that helps. Any ideas or suggestions greatly welcomed!
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Hi and welcome.
I would definitely encourage you to have her see a therapist. Anxiety is common with chronic illnesses. My daughter struggled with anxiety and was very against seeing a therapist. Fortunately, her GI insisted and she grudgingly agreed to go. It took some time, but it has made all the difference in the world. Now she reminds me to make appointments for her and she has learned to cope with the anxiety.

I would ask your GI if there are any studies linking anxiety with Remicade. It may just be that it's unrelated to Remicade, especially if she has been on it for years without an issue.

Being a teen is tough and being a teen with a chronic illness is even tougher.

I'll tag some other parents of teens who may have ideas:
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I would assume cystic acne which can be evil and is very different from teen acne
I wouldn't think it's related to remicade unfortunately
More hormonal cycles etc....
A gynecologist might be able to help with cystic acne

Anxiety tends to show up in teenagers and kids with chronic illness are at a mouth higher risk
I haven't heard if remicade inducing anxiety
I would try to find a psychologist who deals with chronic illness
Most GI or rheumo office at kiddie hospitals can direct you to who

These kids have a lot to deal with and some have a harder time than others
This disease is hard for adults to deal with
Hope she gets some help
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Not cystic Acne, Thank God, I suffered from that and Acutane saved my life. She started therapy yesterday.
I was just wondering if any other parents noticed a change in their childrens skin, demeanor after infusions.
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Other than remicade bring on puberty, I haven't noticed any skin changes after infusions. My kid with crohn's has the same amount and type of acne as his non CD brother.
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Remicade helped him be healthy enough to start puberty which of course brought on the random bought of acne but nothing out of the ordinary. Remicade actually decreased his anxiety levels in that he was finally growing and caught up to his peers in terms of growth and development.
I hope therapy helps tremendously these kids have so much to deal with.
Was increase in dosage due to weight? My son is on 7.5ml per kg so dosage can vary at each infusion due to his weight.

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