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June Adams
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Skin spots

Hi my name is June. I have crohns now 40 years. Manage it well, eat badly. I have developed red spots across my chest and stomach, dr gave me antibiotics which caused me problems. Spots still there. I think they may be connected with crohns but don't know. Seem to appear when I eat fruit. I don't eat it often. But why would they appear across my chest? I now can't eat, potatoes,bread,veg,fruit,chocolate,cake,biscuits,cake. Life is great, eating not so much. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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my little penguin
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Have you seen a dermatologist
They can biopsy it
Ds has lesions on his chest which are Sweets Syndrome
It can be related to Crohns
Only abiopsy can dx it though
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