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Weight gain

I am currently on 30 mg of prednisone daily, next week I will go down 5 mg and 5 mg every week until I am finished. I have developed the dreaded moon face, and since I've been home from the hospital almost 4 weeks I have gained 20 pounds back which I am not so OK with. Once I go off the prednisone will it be easier to lose weight again ? I am currently 40 pounds overweight. The doctor has me on a low residue diet which is tough because there are a lot of white carbs in it, but I'm trying to eat smaller portions which is also tough because prednisone makes me want to eat!!!!

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I was o pred for over 6 months and it can give you a good appetite , it was good for me as I needed to increase weight after surgery , after I finally got off the pred the appetite did ease off and i'm gradually losing the extra weight ,
I find the best way to loose weight is to grill all your fish and meat and steam all the veg .

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Yes, it will be easier to lose weight when you are off prednisone.
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