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Closing in on a diagnosis

Hello, I've had various GI issues many years. However I finally gave in and went to a GI. I'm in the Navy and really fear has stopped me from getting the diagnosis as I don't want to risk separation.

But it got to a point this year that I had to seek treatment, the constant rushes, blood, pain was just getting to much.

Just had a colonoscopy yesterday, can't one hundred percent remember what they said but they sent me home with a report saying they found hemmirioids and early erosion in the terminal ileum.

I'm suppose to be transferring soon but this is holding it all up!! Took 6 months since I went to the doctors to get to a GI and he has been pretty awesome.
They also did biopsies and I'll go back in at the end of the month to get results.

I'm 31 years old, Female, and really worried that this is going to kill my naval career and change ever! I have no idea what all that means as far as what they told me about the colonoscopy and apparent inflammation indication from my blood results.

Only time will tell I guess!
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Welcome to the group. I wish the best for you. Keep us updated.

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