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In the military with UC

I'm in the Army National Guard and was diagnosed with UC in 2015. I have a few questions that hopefully someone can help me because I can't seem to find the answers.
First my background for UC. I have been deployed to Iraq twice (2005 & 2010). It's hard to say when UC started for me. I know I had bathroom issues during my 1st deployment but I always figured it was the environment, the food or the stress so I didn't think much of it especially since the problem would come and go. I never complained about it thinking it wasn't really anything. The problem continued after coming home and has slowly become worse over the years, but I think the change was gradual enough that it had just become my norm. Mornings have always been my worst and many times I figured I was just nervous because of the hard work out I was going to do (running especially has become very difficult but I keep going). Finally in 2015 after a steady, increasing bleeding and pain I finally went to the ER and ended up with a 4 day hospital stay and my UC diagnosis.
Since then I have started the LOD process with the military, which has proven to be nothing but extremely frustrating. My current situation is that my LOD is at NGB and it's admin closed because my deployment medical documentation is missing and nobody including me can find it. Granted if it is found it won't show anything because I didn't complain about this off and on problem while deployed.
My questions:
I understand that without the LOD being adjudicated there will never be an MEB for this. Is that correct?
If there isn't an MEB should I still be going through a PEB?
Does UC make me a non-deployable Soldier?
Even without a completed LOD should I have a 3 somewhere in my PUHLES?
I have over 27yrs of military service. If I believe it is a better prospect for me health wise to be medically discharged instead of retained do I have any say in this?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with these questions.
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Welcome. I am sorry for what you have gone through. I am going to tag G.I. Jane.
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Thank you. I appreciate any information I can get.

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