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Diet - nausea from honey smacks?

I'm never really hungry for real food, but I love cereal. If I'm ever hungry it's what I prefer to eat. Anyways, I use lactaid in my cereal and I've never had a problem with fruit loops or cap n crunch. Yet, when I eat honey smacks I get horrible stomach pain and very sick, which will last a day or two. Does anyone have an idea as to why my stomach hates this particular cereal? Could it possibly be the small amount of honey that is in it?
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Could be the sugars. I would think that honey smacks would have way more sugar than fruit loops or Captain crunch
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I agree, if I eat a lot of sugar when I'm flared I get terrible gut pain. Sometimes it's not a big deal and I can eat it normally though too.
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Out of curiosity I looked up the ingredients. Honey Smacks are made with dextrose, and the other two are made with sugar. One of the possible side effects of dextrose is stomach pain. I no longer buy anything without checking the labels.
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It could also be that you have an intolerance to wheat.

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