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Think I Need to be talked down.

Hi everybody
So you all know about my daughter Lucy (8) who was diagnosed with crohns at two after a year of being symtomatic and thankfully all is currently well with her. I have three other children 12, 7 and 20 months and it was always at the back of the mind and I am extra vigilent with them as I am sure we all are with our non IBDers. My 20 month old Evie, has been slightly constipated the last couple of weeks, which is largerly due I think to her having had tonsilitis 3 weeks ago and not eating properly while she was sick, however the last two bowel motions have had some blood in them, probably due to her being constipated, motions are hard and soft so I am thinking she is probably has a bit of overflow - that is the rational me. The irrational me is saying that this is how it started with Lucy, never really recovered after a viral infection, started with slight constipation, little bits of blood and then just escalated. There are absolutely no other red flags with Evie, she looks well, is eating well, isnt in any discomfort while she is pooping, motions are regular. Rational me thinks I should deal with the constipation myself for the coming week and reassess if it doesn't resolve or there is more blood and take her to my family doctor and have a reasonable conversation about what might be going on. Irrational me thinks I should demand to see the GI as soon as possible for expert opinion.
I suppose why I am posting is that I cant figure out which route to follow, my gut is telling me one thing one minute and something else the next minute. I know I am overthinking but I need some perspective. What would you do? Thanks
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Other child had minor GI issues went back and forth on what to do
Opted for Ds GI
Saw the gi and GI agreed given family history and presentation a scope was needed
Done quickly less than a week
All clear
More GI issues
Scopes again a few years later
Severe lactose intolerance was the cause the entire time not ibd

So seeing the GI first can help
They can determine what if anything is needed
Much better to know than not know
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I still watch Grace's older brother like a hawk.
It comes with the territory.
Agree with mlp.
Letting the gi put their advice in might be helpful.
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I would also ask Lucy's GI. He could at least do an FC for you and then you can go from there. It's an easy and non-invasive test.

We haven't scoped my older daughter but we have done a fecal calprotectin for her several times. She had minor symptoms - enough to worry me, but not really enough to scope her ASAP. Each time her FC was thoroughly normal - under 50.

It really put my mind at ease knowing that her FC was perfectly normal.

Evie is such a lovely name . Good luck!
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Thanks, went to gp who insisted on gi referral anyway given the family history, so we see him in a few weeks, in the meantime all is good with Evie, constipation is under control and no more blood. Started giving her a probiotic as her gut is probably a bit off after the antibiotics she had for her throat, but happy so say my happy smiley baby is back to me for now. Will update after seeing GI.
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Glad she is feeling better! Hopefully all is well with her.

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