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Crohns and arthritis

So, in the past I usually get arthritis pain in my knees while in a flare. If I'm not in a flare, then no arthritis pain. So, early last week I notice my stomach was off, not horrible, but definitely off. Then it started to feel better, but a few days after that my knees started to bother me again. I wasn't sure why, but I'm guessing when the crohns felt off, there was some inflammation and now that's why my knees are bothering me. So far I have been swimming to help it feel better, applying ice, and avoiding stairs. So, while the knees don't feel horrible, they definitely are having some difficulty. My gastro said that my next step would be to see a rheumatologist and he would probably prescribe methotrexate. So, my dilemma is, my knees aren't great but are definitely giving me some issues, do I go on another med for this reason? Or keep doing what I am doing and maybe they will get better. Anyone experience this? Thoughts or opinions?

Thanks in advance!
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Also, is remicade better for joints? Or humira?
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Both remicade and humira are good for joints

I would see a rheumo and they can decide the best path forward for your joints
Some have damage with SpA and some do not

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I'd agree with that - see a rheumatologist and see what he/she recommends. Methotrexate may be a good option.

It also might be a good idea to figure out if your Crohn's is still flaring. Have you had scopes recently? Is Humira working well for your Crohn's? You could ask for an FC and depending on the result, go from there.

If your Crohn's is flaring, getting it under control could help with the arthritis.
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Thanks! I will see how a few weeks go and might consider seeing a reheumotologist. In the past, my arthritis only acts up when crohns is active. And when arthritis does act up, it's only my knees. One is worse then the other.

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