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Referred pain and Thrush questions - is this normal???

Insights please. I feel like my Dr's are throwing darts. Have any of you experienced the following as "referred pain" and are these things "normal" in the world of Crohn's? (Note: still trying to get a clear prognosis from Dr's on whether I have Crohn's or not).

1) My symptoms began with lower back back and painful feet and hands in the morning (back pain can sometimes be all night, making sleeping difficult). All only after laying down for some hours. All goes away after walking some but I hobble around for a bit first. This has persisted for months now and feels like it might be now going up the legs as well, not just feet.

2) Then developed extreme pressure/discomfort and eventually pain in ribs, diaphragm, throat, sternum area that initially was present only after exercising but grew to be all day (eating didn't seem to make it better or worse). Got to be pretty miserable even sitting at a desk, definitely bad when sitting in a car with firm backs, and can't tolerate having any pressure on ribs (like propping a book on ribs/side when reading). I was even having to sleep sitting in a recliner off and on. NO stomach pain, NO burning, no D, no C, no blood, etc. All pain/pressure/discomfort is in upper body. Note: I have been told I have a mild floating hernia but no one seems to think that is relevant.

3) Was told I possibly had thrush (um, I don't get it. I thought an endoscopy would say "yes" or "no". Not maybe????) and began meds for thrush. Results were almost immediate. Pain is much better, sporadic versus all day, but still have something that feels like when you have a bad cold and get congestion in your chest. Almost feels like my lungs are hurting. Anything that constricts my chest (like a bra/sports bra) aggravates it. And I have stopped exercise almost completely except walking as Dr's have suggested I do until we figure this out.

Any insights would be very much appreciated.

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Referred pain and Thrush questions - is this normal???
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