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Low White Count

Jae had blood work in the ER last Wednesday and her white count was 1.3. The next day it was 1.7. I think it was suppressed from a virus she had been fighting. She was then in the hospital (not GI related) and it was never checked again. The hospitalist who discharged her said that she should recheck it in a couple weeks and not restart the 6 MP until then. She is now a week without 6 MP. What consequences will we have if she doesn't take it for 2 weeks? I cannot get anyone to answer the phone for the past week at GI, and still waiting for a call back from rheumatology from today. I'm concerned. Should I be?
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Ds had lots of GI symptoms after a week off 6-months
But it wasn't really keeping him stable at the time so that may be why

Hope GI calls back soon
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Honestly, I think it's a question for your GI. Is there any way you can get in touch with him/her? Email if they won't answer the phone?

How is J doing, besides the low WBC?
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That is terrible. We are also waiting all week for a call back. It is very frustrating.

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How is she?

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