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Help with crohns

Hi guys, I'm looking for advice to help support my boyfriend. I have known about his Crohn's disease for 6 months now and recently he's told me that the doctors have said he's tried all medication which has eventually stopped working and now needs a stoma fitted. He is so against this idea being a 26 year old male, however I'm all for it as I would love for him to feel better. Does/ has anyone had one and can tell your experience to help reassure him please?
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It is wonderful the support you are giving him.
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Hi and welcome,

Thank you for being supportive to your man, it means you truly love him. You may want to seek another opinion as I was given the same choice at 27. I said, "I'm 27 and I am not having a bag." For better or for worse, I'm still mostly intact, I have had a lot of rear end surgery though and it was bad for several years. I am now in remission at 38. I would suggest a healthy diet, it really helped me to go organic and 95% vegetarian. pm me if you like and I can share what helped me.

I wish you all the very best,

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There are also a lot of clinical trials going on. It may be worth exploring this path too.
good luck
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If I can give you any advice at all it would be to Get the Stoma.
I am no doctor and I can only advise on my own personal history.
My partner refused a stoma in our early relationship and I understand that (though id have loved her the same, bag and all!) but to the day Crohn's literally took over and I was left with the fallout of a pretty young lady's body falling to pieces I can speak from experience.

True or not we were told a Stoma could well have eased her issues, may well have given the rest and recuperation her body needed, but as I said, for her own vanity she refused and I do honestly understand that.

We accept who we love for who and what they are. You'd not have posted here if your feelings towards your BF would be changed by him wearing a bag or not.

If time could be turned back, I 100% guarantee my GF would get the Stoma.

Best Wishes to you Both

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