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Depressed about future with crohns

Just to let you know first of all, it is not me with crohns but my 19 year old boyfriend. He was diagnosed in 2015, and started showing symptoms in 2014 during his GCSES. He started A-levels but totally failed due to his crohns flairing and not recieving any treatment and missing a lot of lessons. He got partial remission and decided to do a public services BTEC (equivalent to A-levels supposedly) as he has only ever wanted to go into the police force. However he gets stressed very easily and it flared up again a few months ago probably due to a lot of coursework, he has been hospitalised for the first time a week ago. As I am writing he is still in hospital.
The reason why I am posting is what prospects are for him? He has said himself his feeling very down and doesn't think a BTEC will get him anywhere other than a 'dead-end' job and his crohns is classed as sever so doesn't think uni would be an option.
Just interested to hear from anyone else who has had their education messed up like this and what they are doing now/plans for the future. Just to give him some hope.
Sorry for the long posts, thanks for any response
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With continued research, there could be lots of hope for the future
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He may need to re-think his future. Speaking as someone who is also the proud owner of severe crohn's, it isn't necessarily as bad as he thinks. Mine took me a long time to learn how to face. Get used to working when you are healthy and pushing your medical staff until you get at least near.

For me, my big break came when I finally got remicade and imuran as a set of meds to control it. It had been 25 years in coming. Despite that, I finished university, had a solid decade in banking, was a very good minor hockey referee (up to university level) and have developed good artistic skills. I got married and set myself onto a second career. Now with remicade I have a good home, and a decade into a new career as a teacher, have a beautiful child and am having a huge positive influence on a new generation of children.

The long and the short of it is that it will be what he makes of it. He can sit around feeling sorry or he can make the best of what he has. You haven't mentioned any meds - good ones can make a world of difference. He still has to decide how he will approach each day. The sooner he decides he will kick the disease the better his chances. Will he ever beat it? Probably not. I still have a lot of issues related to damage done before remicade. Still, There isn't a thing in my life that I cannot track back to the time before remicade. His mental approach to the disease is what will make the difference.
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Crohns,indeed any chronic illness, is always over-whelming at first.It's the "not knowing" that's stressful.But there are a great many people who go through education,hold down a job and raise a family with this nasty disease.We have a "Young Adults" thread which may be of help to you both. That's not to say you're not welcome any where else on the forum of course.I'm glad you're able to offer him support.I hope everything turns out OK.And it can,you know.Best to you both.
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Welcome to the forum, you will find a lot of great information here.

Having Crohn's does not immediately preclude one from certain jobs - I know of multiple police officers and firemen with Crohns' - I myself work in Emergency Services and have done so for over 20 years.

The MOST important thing to to get the disease under control, and stay on top of treatment etc.....learning to manage the disease can be challenging, but it CAN be done.

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While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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tell him to not rely solely on medications, but pursue improvement in his diet as well. Also what gives me hope is the progress of Microbiome science or the new discoveries that the bacteria and other microorganisms that live in our gi tract are the cause of many disease, restoring a damaged microbiome is looking to be a potential solution to IBD and other diseases.
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Your boyfriend sounds like a nice guy, I wish him all the success he can handle. He is lucky to have you as his partner through these tough times. I think once he gets on the right meds that he has a really good chance at remission. Stay positive and determined, that's my best advice.

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