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Not yet diagnosed, scared for colonoscopy...


I'm new here and I'm not yet diagnosed and I really don't want to be.

Some background: I'm 25 years old, female, Canadian and I teach grade 3 French immersion. Since I was a teenager, I've had what my mum called a "sensitive constitution". We'd go out for dinner, and I'd get diarrhea. I'd get nervous for something, and I'd get diarrhea. My grandmother has IBS so I'd always just assumed that that is what I had too.

But then about 6 months ago, I started to get really sick. It started with diarrhea 7 or 8 times a day, everyday (sorry, TMI, but yellow, with long strand of mucus and mostly undigested food). I dealt with this for around 2 weeks, thinking I had the flu. But then I started to have serious pain in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen. I'll let this go on for two days, but the pain was so bad it would wake me at night. So I went to the ER, thinking appendicitis. I was there for nearly 24 hours. They did blood work, an ultrasound and a CT scan (and 4 litres of IV fluids because I was very dehydrated). The ultrasound was totally normal, the blood work showed an elevated SED rate, mild anemia and an ever so slightly elevated C-reactive protein, but was otherwise normal. The CT scan showed nothing wrong with my appendix, and showed only mild colitis, so I was discharged and send home with a fecal sample kit. They told me they though it was a bacterial infection, but the fecal sample was normal, so they told me that it was probably a virus and that it would clear up on its own in 7-14 more days. Five months later, and other than the one week where I was constipated instead, the diarrhea and pain that wakes me up at night have been ongoing. I'm so tired because I haven't had a good nights sleep that wasn't interrupted by pain and diarrhea in six months. In fact, the only "good" thing is that I've lost around 30lbs and I'm now as thin as I was in high school (probably because the only things that don't run right through me completely undigested are bananas and plain yogurt).

So I went back to my GP and insisted that he do more tests so he ran another fecal smear, more blood work, another ultrasound, tested me for celiac and lactose intolerance, all of which came back normal, so he referred me to GI doctor. I saw him two weeks ago and he said that it could be crohn's disease and he is sending me for a colonoscopy. And I'm terrified. Afraid for the colonoscopy prep. Afraid of being put under (I've never been put under or had surgery before - I still have my wisdom teeth and everything). Afraid of having a camera up my bottom. And of course I'm afraid that he'll say I do have crown's, which would suck.

Sigh, I feel so alone in this.
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You're not alone,that's why we're on this great forum.The actual Colonoscopy itself is really not too bad.I've never been put "under" just had a mild relaxing sedative which can be increased while the test is carried out,should you need it.The medical staff do this test every day,so don't feel embarrassed or scared.They will put you at your ease, and explain everything before they begin.You will be covered with a sheet and your dignity will be protected at all times.The prep.....depending on what they give you.Light or liquid meals the day before.Mix prep and refridgerate.Use a drinking straw so you don't need to taste it.I don't find it to bad.Lemony,salty.You can drink clear drinks and eat jello,but nothing red as it will show up on the scope and could be mistaken for bleeding.Before starting the prep.Make sure you're comfortable,I usually wear a house robe,have moist wipes and baby cream handy.Your butt will get pretty sore very quickly,depending on how many trips to the bathroom you have to make.I started prep. at 5pm and was still "going" at 6am.Although I did have a break at midnight 'til 2am.I'm sure there will be others along soon with more advice.It's better to have this done and get on the road to feeling well.Please keep us up to date.It will help others who are having the same problems as you to you.
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Everyone is here to support you
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Welcome! As scottsma said, you are not alone. The colonoscopy sounds scary, it's really not! The prep isn't as bad as a person would think either. I was given the option of an over the counter remedy instead of the prescription. It was Gatorade mixed with miralax along with ducolax. I had had other colonoscopies done and did the normal prep. This was a better option. I would say use the straw as well. You wont feel a thing, you wont be aware of what is happening and you will wake up a bit groggy. It's really not as bad as it sounds. Good luck to you!
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I can understand your fears, I've had a couple of colonoscopies myself. I wasn't sure whether to post, as obviously you are looking for reassurance and many people are able to give it, as they found their colonoscopy easier than they'd feared. For me, the first was a nightmare, the worst pain ever and total humiliation too. The second wasn't great but I was given slightly better sedation than the first time and the staff treated me kindly. I would advise letting them know well in advance how scared you are and asking for the strongest sedation available. If you're able to be put under, so much the better - that doesn't seem to be available here.
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I was told they don't offer to put people under as they often get you to move position. I had sedation from mine and only remember the start and finish! It was great.

I have another one in less than a week. The worst thing about it for me is the prep. Bleurgh! It's gross. Makes me feel so sick. But the procedure itself is fine.

I promise it's not as bad as you think, as long as you have sedation. Good luck xxx

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Bonjour and welcome
I think its important you go to colonoscopy, especially with that ''mild colitis'' result... This really needs to be investigated.
As mentionned before it is only a sedative that is given to us and its not an anesthesia. You normally fall lightly asleep and if the doctor talks to you during the procedure, you will be able to ''wake up'' and respond immediately. Sometimes the sedative is not much effective and you remain awake. This has already happened to me. Colonoscopy can be very painful, this can happen unfortunately, but most of the time, it goes like a charm and we dont feel a thing. Think of it this way, colonoscopy is no party for sure, but it may give you answers and solutions you have been waiting for regarding your chronic bowel discomfort and pain.
As for the prep, nothing to worry except staying very very close to a toilet Expusing everything is discomforting but not painful if I remember correct).
Wishing you well.
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I've had a number of colonoscopies (we all have!) and really the worst part is drinking the prep. Lately they have changed what is used (at least for me here in the US), and the amount of prep I've had to drink is much less. It's important to stay hydrated with Gatorade or something similar, but honestly it's not a terrible procedure. I think the most important thing is to communicate your fears to your GI as well as the nurses. The nurses especially are focused on making sure you are as comfortable as possible during the scope. It can be painful, but isn't necessarily so, and the sedation makes it go by faster. I've been pretty out of it for all of mine. Try not to worry!
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For the prep I've found just set a timer and guzzle one glass every time your timer goes off. However much of the prep they make you take, then have a chaser of apple juice. It's got a strong enough flavor to offset the nastiness of the prep. Last year alone I had three colonoscopies. haha. So i'm a pro at this. It really isn't the worst test I've been through. I think I'd do a colonoscopy over an MRE anytime. That's an MRI specialized for the bowel. You drink a L of contrast then have to sit in a tiny machine for over an hour.
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Don't worry, it should be fine. I've had 3 colonoscopies done and the first one was done with only mild local anaesthesia (I'm in India, where general anaesthesia is not used by default). That was very uncomfortable, so I had the next two done under anaesthesia. You'll just wake up without even knowing what happened

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Honestly the colonoscopy is not as bad as it seems they'll give you a sedative and make sure that you're comfortable and when the procedure takes place if you feel pain you can always tell them and then they can increase the sedative. I had line done around 2 years ago and it took like 25mins max and the nurses are so friendly. When you go for the first time it's really scary but you'll get through it.
For the prep the liquid you have to drink I found did not taste very nice so my tip would be to block your nose and gulp down as much as you can then breathe through your mouth for a bit so you don't taste it. I personally didn't like the taste but you might find it's not bad at all.
Good luck and hope all goes well.

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They put me to sleep each time.


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