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Does remicade = weight gain?

So I started remicade in February. I've had four doses. I am on my way to my next infusion as they have increased my dose and frequency due to my body creating antibodies.

However, since starting remicade I've gained about 15 lbs.

The first two doses I can blame on steroids but I've been off of them since early March. After my last appt I started eating WAY less than normal and exercising twice as much. I've been doing the insanity DVDs (2 workouts a day). And I've still gained another five lbs. I want to cry. Why am I still gaining weight?

Typical day's meal - turkey sandwich for lunch and a salad or wrap for dinner. I'm not even having snacks!!!!! How can I be gaining weight?????
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I'm not sure as I've never had remicade, but I know the first time I took steroids the weight came off with no effort. I took them again over Christmas and haven't budged a single pound!
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I gained, but I keep in mind that I am back to my weight before crohn's so I am quite happy about it. I now run about 170 pounds at 5'8", just about the same as the end of high school 30 years ago. I was about 150 before remicade.
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This is a real thing! I started Remicade in Jan 2013, and in the ensuing 4+ years have gained an average of about 10 lbs/year. My lifestyle in that timeframe has run the gamut from completely inactive, to seriously dieting and working out almost every day (right now I'm somewhere in between) - the most I've been able to do is slow the weight gain somewhat. I did have a 6-month period between this past October and April where I was able to lose 8 or 9 pounds. But we've since increased the Remicade dosage (to hopefully defeat a long-time lingering fistula), and I have gained all that back

I used to get steroids as part of the pre-meds at each infusion, but cut that out as soon as I possibly could (about 2 years in), so at least I don't gain an automatic 2-3 lbs with each infusion any more. No luck getting help from doctors, they don't even acknowledge that Remicade may be causing the weight gain - and frankly they prefer that I gain as much weight as possible so I'm not sure they'll care about my weight gain until I'm morbidly obese.

I wish I had more positive advice for you here instead of just commiserating, but I haven't figured out how to counteract this yet.
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I've gained about 7lb since starting Remicade about a year and half ago. I've tried several diets trying to lose it and I can only get a lb or so off before I give up, I find that most of the foods I should eat to lose the weight are foods that bother my stomach.

On the other hand, my son starts his first remicade treatment tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers that he gains a good amount of weight. I guess it's different for everyone depending on their starting point.
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I didn't gain any weight on Remicade. I had been on prednisone before, and gained a lot. While on Remicade I went on a diet and lost it all. I didn't notice any difference to my appetite.
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I gained 15 lbs on Remicade but I was under weight with chronic disease left undertreated by my previous GI. Now people look at me and still think I'm skinny, but not starving looking at least. I feel my appetite is better too. I had some clothes that were altered too slim and can't wear them now. It's ok because they're all way out of style now anyway, it was time for a wardrobe upgrade and shopping

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