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Just a lot of medication

Hi there! I am preparing for a four-month study abroad program through my college that will begin on August 31, 2017. We will go to six countries -- Italy, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, India, Thailand, and China (with layovers in places like Greece and Bahrain!) -- and I am SO excited. I am a Chronie and feel very fortunate to be healthy enough to travel in this capacity; before my diagnosis last August, I was very sick and could never have done it.

But as I am preparing to fly, I am also finding that the sheer number of OTC and Rx meds that I have to take along are weighing me down, literally and figuratively. Literally-speaking, they take up almost ALL of my carry-on, a 32L backpack. Figuratively, they all just make me feel really... resentful, I think, of Crohn's, and also kind of angry and embarrassed. I am bringing almost 1400 Pentasa capsules (I take 12 every day), plus Zofran, Prednisone, Immodium, Cipro, a probiotic, vitamin D/calcium supplements, Tums, Pepto Bismol tablets, Zantac, Pedialite packets, Tylenol, etc. (can you believe it?!) IN ADDITION to things like motion-sickness medication, cold medication, and fiber powder/Dulcolax (just in case...). My wonder-woman of a mother insisted that she, rather than I, spend the $230 on those OTC meds this afternoon AND pay the copay for my Prednisone, which makes me feel even guiltier. UGH. I am worried that airport security will be a hassle with so much medication, I am scared that my professor will wonder whether I should really be going on this trip, and I am terrified that in the end something Crohn's-related will prove them right.

And mostly, I just keep thinking back to Steven Chbosky, to when he said, "So this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be."
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Hi. I hope the trip works out for you.
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There is of course great chance they check that bag at the Borders... They'll take a look and see your dr's prescription on the pentasa boxes and they'll most likely get it very fast and not bother you at all I believe. Just like any individual, you have the right to travel and enjoy and participate fully in life. Your professor and friends should really not judge you.
Enjoy your trips and have fun!
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Make sure to get a letter from your doc stating what you take including otc stuff
That is always helpful when traveling with meds
Good luck
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