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Fistula and exercise

I just recently started exercising again after a year with perianal fistulas. I still have them, but finally have the energy and stamina to move. I've noticed that once I cross the 40-50 min mark on my walks/hikes the area around the fistulas gets super sore and raw. So bad that when I took a shower the water stung. Usually, they don't hurt and drain minimally (unless of course they're flaring from me eating bad food). Does anyone have any advice on how to stop or prevent this? I do use a gauze down there at all times but it isn't helping at all. I really need to get healthier but this is driving me nuts.

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no experience with fistulas, but what about swimming? maybe that could cause less irritation?
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If you're in the UK then you'll have a Stomach Nurse to help you out if not then a trip down to the Pharmacy to ask some advice on moisturizers/creams to help with the rubbing should help.
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Keep the area clean, and wear pants, loose ones that allow plenty of ventilation to keep the area dry to reduce chaffing. Reduce or restrict movement once the area starts getting irritated, and stop if its getting worse. Too much activity motion is not good either, find yourself a balance.

However, don't rule out flares, during flares reducing exercise might not be enough, know when its time to call the doctor.
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I've had a fistula with seton in situ for 2.5 years and in that time I have been active- walking, cycling, gym, running- so it definitely is possible. Some things I do to help with the chafing and soreness from friction are to use an adhesive type dressing like Opsite which I find can stay in place better than just gauze taped on so less friction, and using a barrier cream, Cavilon, to help protect from moisture. Also I will often take paracetamol before I start activity, if I think it's likely to hurt.

I'm currently struggling to be as active as I like to be due to the fistula, but the way I see it is this thing is not going away any time soon, so I need to try to live my life as best I can with it. Hope you find a way to make it work for you- it's great that you've got enough energy to be active again

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