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Mosquito bites are horrible

Is anyone having issues with mosquitoes? It seems I'm the only one in the house getting bitten by them. The reactions I'm having are hortible. I'm wondering if the Humira I'm on is attracting the mosquitoes & also why I'm having such bad reactions. Or maybe they aren't mosquito bites. Debating whether or not I should go see my doctor, I just don't want to spend $50 for them to say I have mosquito bites. nyone having the same issue or something similar?
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We have a similar thing in the UK,called a midge.(midgee) They love me and I suffer badly,despite using potions and face nets.I wasn't on meds then and I do keep away from damp woodland etc.where they are worse between May - September.I read just yesterday that they are attracted to blood group O,which I am.But I'm sure other blood groups suffer equally.
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That's interesting about blood type O, I am O+ and mosquitoes love me too. The hubby and I went out a couple weeks ago to watch some fireworks. We got home and I went to take a shower, and I realized that I was absolutely covered with mosquito bites! Meanwhile, hubby didn't have one single bite on him. It doesn't matter if I use bug spray, citronella candles, layers of clothing, etc. The nasty things still find ways to bite me. It doesn't seem to matter what meds I'm on, either (currently on pred, LDN, and Lialda). I always get tons of mosquito bites every summer.

My advice is don't scratch! Even though they're terribly itchy, in my experience they heal up MUCH faster if I don't scratch them. Although I'm making myself itchy just thinking about it!

Edited to add: My hubby is blood type O+ also! So I don't understand at all why mosquitoes love me but tend to leave him alone.
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I'm seeing doc this morning. I'll let you know what's up.

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