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Symptoms started a week ago 🙁

20 year old son was diagnosed at 16 with Crohn's. He started Remicade April of 2015 and has been doing fantastic for 18 months. His colonoscopy in December showed "no sign of disease".

About a week ago he started feeling bloated and nauseous especially later in the day. He blamed his diet and made adjustments (less grease) but the symptoms have remained. Last night around 2 am was the worst, but right now he's happily eating brunch.

I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow..

Thanks for any info!!!
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Welcome. I hope the doctor has some easy answers. Tagging Clash, Maya 142, my little penguin.
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Hi and welcome. Definitely check out the Parents forum - lots of parents there and many of us have "big kids " (18 and up).

It does sound like he could be flaring - what are his normal Crohn's symptoms when he is flaring? Does he have diarrhea/constipation/abdominal pain or anything like that?

The first step would be contacting his GI who can do tests to make sure it's not an infection and for inflammation (fecal calprotectin - a stool test, or ESR and CRP). If it's inflammation, then he may want to up his Remicade dose or frequency.

The nice part about Remicade is that you do have some room to play with the dose or frequency when symptoms return. My daughter needed Remicade every 4-5 weeks at 10mg/kg for her Crohn's.

They could also add steroids or add an immunomodulator like Methotrexate. There are lots of options, so try not to worry too much yet (easier said than done).

Good luck!
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