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Fistula reopening??

I was diagnosed with crohns in February and had a fistula at the time (one of the many things that prompted my diagnosis). It presented as an abscess so it was cut and drained, and then they found it was a fistula when I was scoped. I've been on remicade and imuran since, and it closed up and I was checked off as good to go from my colorectal doc in march. I've been doing really well and haven't had any major symptoms aside from the occasional night or morning of a few too many trips to the bathroom, but last week I thought it felt like gas was coming out of the spot of the old fistula. I couldn't be sure but a few times it felt like this. Now this week I've been having irritation in the area and I did some investigation and it looks like I have a "cut" there, not because it looks open but because it's a red line. It doesn't actively hurt but it bothers me when my underwear is in the wrong position and burns a little when I pee? I guess the other concern is an STI but I was checked for everything when I was sick before I got diagnosed and haven't been in the position to (uhh...) expose myself to anything since. For anyone that's had a fistula reopen in the same spot, how did it start? What were the first things you noticed?
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Have you been to the doctor to have it checked out? My best to you.

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