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I think I may have found a remedy to my fistula

**DISCLAIMER - I'm not a doctor and do not claim this is a cure. This is not medical advice, please get properly diagnosed/treated and speak to a doctor before trying any alternative remedies.**

Hey guys I joined this forum about a year ago. I've been suffering from a fistula for almost 2 years. I got diagnosed through a colon/rectal specialist. I did not test for crohn's or IBS because I don't think I suffer from some symptoms you guys have described. Doc said I was just unlucky i guess. I refuse to get surgery because I'm pretty young and don't want incontinence/complications. However, I've been trying something new that I'm quite certain is working (for me), and wanted to share my experience with anyone who might find it helpful.

I'm 27 yrs old, male, family history of hemorrhoids. My aunts have had fistulas before too. My fistula would swell and pop pus, blood, all the fun stuff every other BM (bowel movement). I usually have one BM per day. I always have an incomplete evacuation of feces, with a little bit left behind in the rectum. This would further irritate the infection. So, I figured I should make my feces as "clean" and smooth as possible. I started taking psyllium husk everyday because I read it's 70% soluble fiber and 30% insoluble. The soluble fiber absorbs the water and bulks up the stool, thus leaving less residue behind. I also used preparation H internally in my rectum every night, to prevent any further inflammation.

Results? I've now had 8 bowel movements without any swelling or drainage. 8!! This is unheard of for me. My BM's are more regular, cleaner, and leave almost nothing left behind. No more inflammation. I've tried hundreds of remedies and this is the longest I've gone without drainage or swelling, it feels pretty normal down there now. I'm sure if you throw crohn's or other factors into the mix, results may vary.

If you want, feel free to give this remedy a try and let me know if helps. But please please be careful before adding a potent fiber like psyllium husk into your diet, as I know some of you crohn fellows have very sensitive GI tracts. I know I'm probably not out of the woods yet - I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Much love to anyone suffering from this crap and I hope doctors can one day cure this without having to fillet an anus.

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