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No meds left to try please help!!

I have tried 6mp, humira, remicade,cimzia, entyvio, stellera,entocort,prednisone and had a resection. I am currently hospitalized and crohns is in my stomache, duodenum and anastomosis site where my terminal ileum was. No meds left to try they said. Alternative therapies only. I will take any recommendations !!! Please!!!
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I feel for you!
One thing you might be able to try is to be part of a medical trial. That's what's next for me once Remicade fails me, which is likely to be soon.

I think there's a list somewhere for medical trials but you could ask your GI if he/she is part of any or are aware of any in your area.
Good luck!
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There is the Crohns exclusively be diet with partial enteral nutrition
It's still in trials
But basically some formula and restrictive diet of only list food

Have you tried full een ?
Exclusive enteral nutrition-formula only no food
That is used in kids with some success similar to steriods but no side effects
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