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I have not been on the forums for a while because I've been in remission for some time. During that time, I had an insurance through my employer which covered my outpatient Remicade infusions in NY's Mount Sinai. I only had to pay a 75 dollar co payment.

I recently accepted a City job with NYC. They make me pay for a union which does not come with health insurance. I for the first time have to pick my insurance which I'm afraid that I will choose the wrong one.

i narrowed it down to price



Metroplus Basic

I don't know what the heck to choose. Please, if anyone is familiar in this area, please shed some light.

Thank you very much
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I have no idea but I'm tagging Lisa because I know she lives in New York state and she might be able to help. Good luck!
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Hi: If you have licensed HR Generalist at your new employer, they should be well-versed in the healthcare options and could, with the assistance of their insurance contacts, get you fitted with the right plan. Many HR departments provide a phone number for getting these sorts of questions answered.

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hmmm...if it is a City job, there should be insurance provided (at a reduced cost)?..... I work for NYS, and have the Empire Plan - for me, it is the BEST choice - more flexibility, my Remicade costs me ZERO co-pay....went to urgent care yesterday and had a $40- co-pay which included a rapid strep test.....

There should be someone in Personnel who can answer questions about insurance coverages, and you should also have been given information on each provider including prescription coverage so you can compare.....

For me in the NYS system - GHI is a DENTAL provider! So double check that one.....ah ha...they are part of Emblem Health - and the website says with the proper documentation they will cover Remicade, but I have no idea what a co-pay might be.....

Metroplus looks like one of the exchange plans? I'd STAY AWAY unless you can confirm your medication will be covered!!!!!

With the HIP-HMO - you NEED to make sure your doctor is a provider otherwise it looks like there is NO coverage.....

JUST MY OPINION - looks like the GHI-CBP might be your best choice....again - CHECK WITH YOUR PROVIDER to make sure accept whatever you choose!!!!!

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