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New to the site, would like symptom advice.

Finally decided to reach out to others with my story and see if anyone diagnosed properly could give me direction or advice.
My sickness began in August of 2015, I was 24 years old. I was working a fast paced production job with long hours and started to get very sick almost constantly with flu like symptoms: body ache, fever, diarrhea and vomiting, then the shooting stomach pains started like nothing I'd ever felt before. I finally had one awful incident about 6 weeks into being sick where I had a fit of diarrhea so bad it was mostly blood and horrible pain to where I could barely stand. I rushed to the ER and was given a series of tests, the only one that brought any significance was a blood occult that found blood present in my stool. The ER physician told me I should immediately see a PC and get a lower scope because he thought I had crohns. I started seeing a PC and was seen for 2 years given every test imaginable for h.pylori to celiac and all was negative, I was given a dozen or more medicines such as acid reducer and anti nausea because I still had chronic nausea, vomiting, sulfur gas and burps, diarrhea, terrible pains in my lower stomach, large amounts of bloating as well as constant debilitating fatigue. Nothing seemed to work at all, my lower scope showed some inflammation and small ulceration but the PC said it was not an issue. November 2015 I find out I am pregnant, other the morning sickness and terrible gestational hypertension, all illness stops until June 2106 when my child is born. I'm immediately sent to a GI specialist because my symptoms worsen. An upper scope was ran revealing gastritis and a hiatel hernia but no explanation on my lower GI issues, gallbladder 78% functional and spleen just fine. I under went a fecal test last month that revealed no celiac disease or parasites, but borderline high GI inflammation and high overall body inflammation..another fecal blood occult was just taken and is now negative for some reason. I'm scared as to where they go now, some days I can feel the sickness coming on like the flu again until I'm so fatigued I can barEly stand, my back teeth are crumbling and no fillings stay in them, if I eat consistently I have diarrhea every 30-45 minutes, no more soda, alcohol or red meat because of horrible pain and ive still lost no majority amount of weight but i can literally change weight up to 5 lbs a day in bloathing in my stomach. I don't know where my GI will go from here, I'm scared. Does this sound similar to anyone else's situation?
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Hi. I am sorry for all you have been through. There are a lot of people on here that are undiagnosed. There is even a support group on here for those who are undiagnosed. Keep pushing for answers.
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Have you had your entire small intestine imaged? Endoscopies and colonoscopies only reach the very beginning and end of the small intestine. If you haven't had a capsule endoscopy (where you swallow a very small camera) or something like a CT enterography where they use contrast dye to image your entire abdomen, then there is a lot of intestine that could be inflamed. With blood in your stool, and previous inflammation and ulceration seen on a prior colonoscopy there has been something wrong. Did your doctor explain why the inflammation they found was "nothing to worry about"? Ulcers and/or inflammation aren't normally present in any part of the intestine.

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