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Butt Pain

I've been sitting on a heating pad and taking hot baths throughout the day. Still a ton of pain right before, while using, and after using the bathroom.

I have an appointment Wednesday with the surgeon but my guess is another fistula after this most recent abscess drained on its own. Also guessing I have roids and fissures.

GI Dr today just wrote me a script for lidocaine cream, but what are some other home remedies to help ease butt pain?
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Should also add I was recently hospitalized again for about 5 days with another bad flare. Postponed colonoscopy due to the pain. Currently taking flagyl, cipro, 10mg pred (tapering), and humira every 2 weeks.
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I also suffer from fissure and roids. There are anti-hemorrhoid creams that contains hydrocortisone & zinc oxide to reduce the inflammation beside the lidocaine for the pain. My experience is to not use the plastic applicators when applying the cream (whether internal or external) as they cause more damage to the skin. Seating in hot tub and adding epsom salt is also helpful for relieving pain.
I had a colonoscopy appointment this week that is postponed due to my whole rectum area is swollen, doctor prescribed nitroglycerin cream, i need to see if it works in this coming week .

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