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New to the site, need advice with meds

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in January 2017. Apparently, my Crohn's is only ~mild~ but persistent. Was first incorrectly diagnosed with IBS (didn't have many symptoms then). I was first put on Pentasa and Entocort which did not work. I was then put on the devil's drug, prednisone along with Entocort. Felt better with the prednisone but Entocort wasn't doing anything. My face is puffy. I gained 20lbs. I am currently on 6-mp and allopurinol, finished prednisone a few days ago. My liver enzymes went up and I had to go off 6-mp and allopurinol for a week. I'm back on the meds and I have headaches every night and feel nauseous constantly from what I believe is the 6-mp. Will these stop eventually? I am going to tell my GI doc. Also, if you have any recommendations for other meds, please let me know. I have been thinking about Remicade but my doctor doesn't want to go there yet. She wants to give 6-mp another chance.
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Hi. I am not sure about the symptoms you are having but i agree with you telling your doctor.
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6MP gave me pancreatitis, a side effect in a small percentage of people. Have you had your pancreatic enzymes checked? My main symptom was intense pain. With mild disease doctors still like to do the step up approach so he wants to explore all the milder drugs to see if they work first. Please let your GI know how you are feeling. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.
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I have moderate-severe Crohn's Disease. I have had it for 22 years. My doctor is very aggressive with my treatments, whether I am in remission or not.

I take:
-Humira (once a week)

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